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15 092021

Employer-mandated vaccinations are not an assault on our liberty: Allan R. Holmes Op-ed, Post & Courier September 14, 2021

Commentary: Employer-mandated vaccinations are not an assault on our liberty By Allan R. Holmes Increasingly, employers are requiring employees to vaccinate against COVID-19 because they recognize the social and economic benefits of a fully vaccinated workforce. Employers hope to free their workplaces, their employees and our economy from the continuing devastation of the pandemic. But

23 082021

Best Lawyers® Names Holmes 2022 Employment Law-Management “Lawyer of the Year” Charleston

Best Lawyers® has named Allan R. Holmes, Sr., as 2022  Employment Law - Management  "Lawyer of the Year" for the Charleston Metro Area.  This award honors only one lawyer in this practice area.  Previously, Best Lawyers® recognized Holmes as  2015 Labor Law-Management “Lawyer of the Year” in Charleston.

10 062020

Commentary: Protect our public health and our hospitality industry

Published in the Post & Courier, June 10, 2020.   Congress is debating whether it should provide businesses with various levels of immunity from COVID-19 illness claims. While Congress debates, suits are being filed across the country, and significant economic consequences threaten companies both large and small. The hospitality industry — a mainstay of the local

12 032018

Allan R. Holmes: High Dollar Claims against Restaurant Employers

The epidemic of Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) cases against restaurants continues unabated. Many private lawyers are using social media to attract “tip credit wage” plaintiffs – employees who are paid by employers using the tip credit wage permitted by Section 3(m) of the FLSA. Some web postings even offer estimates of recoveries –

06 022018

Allan Holmes: “The New Proposed Tipping Regulation: What It Does – and Does Not – Propose”.

The New Proposed Tipping Regulation:  What It Does – and Does Not – Propose. © 2018 Allan R. Holmes, Gibbs & Holmes, On December 5, 2017, the Wage & Hour Division of the Department of Labor proposed a regulation intended to address what employers who do not use the tip credit wage may do

29 012018

Allan Holmes’ Recent Op-Ed “What the Law Has to Say about Sexual Harassment”

Allan Holmes was recently featured in the Post & Courier in an op-ed regarding the current legal hot topic of sexual harassment in the workplace.  You can find the article from January 7, 2018 here.  The text follows:   As a young lawyer, I filed one of the first workplace sexual harassment cases in Charleston. When

22 012018

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